About Us

Manufacturing activity in the 2006 Our company started in the year, 4500 Abs square meters of production area with suitcases, PVC coated Abs suitcase, Projection board, Bracket and TV Group is producing Prize. Our company is Turkey's most important product groups produced by Chain Store in , Clothing Stores and Wholesale Sales Points and has been working as a supplier of advanced solutions partner. Moreover, our country by exporting to various countries around the world are contributing to the economy.

our company is growing steadily since its inception; Quality positive forward-looking perspective, Innovator, producing different products, It is among the best in the industry with expert staff related to technological developments.

Our company closely follows developments in the sector can pass them quickly activities. Being aware of the ecological and social responsibility with our company also received certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 140001 ve ISO 18001) There have documented them.

His continuing their fixed and the first day's activities with amateur spirit behind the work we are confident that the products produced by our company is soon to replace the homes of our country and even other countries.

Our vision as a company;always good quality and %100 bulundurup within which domestic production by product type, by moving the quality of our valued customers to provide the best way to world standards.

Our respect..